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Marketing Services 
Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE

Marketing Services for Entrepreneurs and SMEs

Are you an Entrepreneur or a Business owner? Do you want to grow your business?

  • Promote your activity

  • Find new clients

  • Retain your customers


Are you looking for some advice, a specific solution, or a strategy to develop and get your business off the ground?

Whatever your field of activity, needs, and budget: Contact me and I will help you!

I'm a Marketing Specialist for small businesses... with big ambitions.

Marketing & Strategy





Customer loyalty

Publication & media

Marketing Services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and UAE

> Discover my services in marketing and ask me for a free appointment:

We'll discuss your goals and consider the best solution for you.

Marketing and Customer relationship


> Differentiate yourself or your company and create value

  • Competition

  • Segmentation

  • Differentiation

  • Values


> Find your first customers or develop your clientele

  • Prospecting plan

  • Canvassing

  • Emailing campaign

  • Social networks

Products & Services

> Enhance your offering and give it meaning to your clients

  • Offer structuring

  • Price positioning

  • Development

  • Sales pitch

Loyalty program

> Create a relationship with your customers and increase sales

  • Survey

  • Relationship scenario

  • Up-selling / Cross-selling

  • Retention


> Make yourself known to your clients and the public

  • Strategy

  • Action plan

  • Campaign management

  • Media Creation

Editing & Creation

> Optimize your publications and get more impact

  • Institutional presentation

  • Flyer, Poster

  • Article, Press kit

  • Webpage, Newsletter

Services in Marketing and Strategy


Expertise in Marketing

Do you need an expert opinion to have some input on:

  • Your positioning

  • Your action plan

  • Your publications

  • Your marketing strategy

 1 hour 300 AED / 6 hours 1490 AED


Freelancer in marketing Abu Dhabi and Dubai UAE

Do you need a service provider to get things done?

  • Write a communication

  • Create a flyer or a poster

  • Send a form or a newsletter

  • Develop a prospecting or loyalty campaign


Marketer freelance in Abu Dhabi and Dubai UAE

Do you need a marketer to build a strategy and:

  • Grow your business

  • Promote your company

  • Build a prospecting plan

  • Launch a loyalty program

from 1980 AED a month

Take action today and ask me for a free meeting!

I have developed a methodology specifically adapted to the needs and goals of your small business: 

  • We start with your vision

  • I share my expertise and experience

  • We launch actions and get results

Some flyers and posters...

Poster created for EXPATSSOLUTION by Sylvaine Muller
Flyer created for the Club Entreprise UFE Abu Dhabi by Sylvaine Muller
Poster of Sylvaine Muller, Marketing & Web Services
Flyer A5 recto verso created by Sylvaine Muller for a client

Sylvaine Muller, Marketing Manager freelance in Abu Dhabi

15 years of experience in Marketing and Customers Relationship Management, I have worked on numerous projects within large companies and with SMEs:

  • Development of new products and services

  • Establishment of partnerships

  • Development of loyalty programs

  • Publishing of print and online magazines

  • Management of multi-channel campaigns

  • Content writing and creation (all audiences; all media)

Today, I only work with Entrepreneurs and Small businesses... with big dreams.

Save your time and your energy: Together we'll share a vision, build a strategy, and achieve your marketing goals!

Sylvaine Muller, Marketing Manager freelance in Abu Dhabi and Dubai UAE
Services in Web design and Digital in the United Arab Emirates
  • Showcase websites

  • Web content

  • SEO Google

  • Social media

  • Online forms

  • Newsletters

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